YouTube SEO — Top 20 Ways in 2021

YouTube SEO .. If gaining popularity on YouTube is a mystery to you, then you are at the right place! When we watch the most viewed channels and videos on YouTube, it can be easy to put their good fortune on the fact that the channel is already well-known and has a lot of users. But each YouTube user started with 0 views and 0 users. each one. So, how can a video about submitting any article here collect millions of views, while another video on the same topic can barely reach ten people?

If you want people to watch your videos, you’ll need to improve your videos. This is especially important now that new creators often join the platform. In our 2019 state-of-the-art video marketing survey, we found that 88% of marketers plan to use YouTube as a channel, and according to a business insider study, an amazing 567,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every day. Yes, but don’t let that stop you. It is possible to get high rankings on YouTube, you just need to know how – and we are showing you! Here are 3 ways to top YouTube in 2021 YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO — Top 20 Ways in 2021

1. A focus keyword
2. Improve the title
3. Improve the detail

No. 1. A focus keyword

Whether you’ve already posted your videos on YouTube, or you haven’t hit the record yet, creating a focus keyword for each video will be really helpful in your ranking. All search engines combine user search terms with highly relevant results. And YouTube is no different! If you are looking for old YouTube videos, watch them again and try to identify the main title. Ask yourself: What is the focus of this video? What’s the keyword? For any upcoming video, it’s easy to choose someone’s word before you start. That way, you get the keywords

Keyword research tools can be used to help you find popular tools to use. Popular keyword research tools include: ahraf, se marosh, keywords everywhere and keyword tool.u. It all works the same way, but the Keyword Tool Duty is the most ‘beginner’ friendly. All you have to do is select the search engine in this case, select YouTube, and then enter your selected keyword.

Once you’ve found your keyword, you can start using it to improve your YouTube ranking in a variety of ways to optimize your video. The easiest way to do this is to include the keyword in your title. But, with 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute (!), A single keyword will not be enough to boost your SEO. You need to force your title. He needs to send a message to YouTube users saying ‘Click me!’ A great way to do this is to promise something. Are you teaching your audience something? Are you going to entertain them? Let them know what they are going to see. Take a look at the results below for our keyword ‘Instagram hex’:

No. 3. Improve the description

In addition to improving your title, you also need to improve your description. Now, while your title is primarily meant to catch the eye of potential viewers, you can go a little deeper with your description. YouTube shows the first 125 characters of your description, but it’s a good idea to write twice about 250 words if you intend to do 250 words. YouTube also suggests that you enter keywords at the beginning of your description. Of course, this is not all about algorithms. Your audience will be reading it too, so make sure you keep their engagement in mind. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when writing the description of your video.

Number 4: Don’t forget to include your keywords (s)

Make sure what you are writing is unique. Don’t just copy and paste some text from your website or anywhere else – add your website URL to guide visitors to your site YouTube SEO

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