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After creating a blog, you may need to make some custom settings. The settings that are usually the same with the installation of WordPress are perfect for the average blogger, but over time some settings may be needed. Such as moderation of comments, blog title and subtitle, date, number of posts on the front page and many other similar settings etc. Since this is a basic tutorial, the basic information that a common servant needs will be written by him. WordPress Blog – General Settings

General Settings

Log in to the blog’s admin panel. Click the General link in the Settings sub-list in the left sidebar. A new page will open. Here are the general settings of the blog. In the picture, each setting is given a special number and the details are written by giving the number accordingly.

1: – Blog Title and Tagline

The title of the blog is in the Site Title which is given while installing WordPress. They may change later. Below that is the Tagline. In simple words, it can be called a little description of the title of the blog or it can also be called a subtitle. Site titles and taglines are usually placed side by side or very close to each other in the theme.

2: – E-mail address

Here is the same email address that is given when installing WordPress, ie creating a blog. The email provided here is used for admin. Upon receiving new user notifications and new comments / opinions etc. via email. This address may be changed later.

3: – Membership

If you want everyone to be a registered user of the blog, that is, to create their own account on the blog, then select the Anyone can register checkbox of the membership and select the options you want to give it in the New User Default Role. ۔ If you want people to be able to create an account only for comments, then select Subscriber in the new user default role. Similarly, there are more user roles that give the user different options. See here for details of user role.

4: – Time and Date

Select the timezone of your area or area you want to keep. Whenever there is a post or comment, the time and date given by Timezone will appear accordingly. Select Karachi or UTC + 5 from this list of people living in Pakistan.

Next to the Date Format are some ways to show the date. Select the radio button the way you want to show the date or select the Custom radio button to show the custom date and the accompanying text box. Enter the required information in There is also a link to Documentation on date and time formatting for how to enter this information. You can go there and see more details.

The Time Format is the same as the Date Format, ie select the radio button the way you want the time to be displayed.

Week Starts On means to select the area in which you live or the day your new week starts. This setting is usually to show the calendar setting on the blog.

Whenever we make a change. It will not be saved until you click the Save Changes button at the bottom. So whenever you want to make a change and save it, you must press the Save Changes button. WordPress Blog – General Settings get learn wordpress 

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