What is WordPress? Explained for Beginners

To put it simply, WordPress is a software that allows us to create a variety of websites and blogs for free and easily without coding. And it came into being in 2003. In technical terms, WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) that allows us to create a variety of websites, blogs, forums, You can easily create online stores etc. WordPress is built in the PHP language and comes with mostly MySQL and MariaDB databases. What is WordPress? Explained for Beginners

Now let’s try to know one by one about the features of WordPress.

Why is it Easy to work in WordPress?

To understand this feature of WordPress, suppose there is no such thing as WordPress and if you are thinking of creating a website or a blog, how do you create it? Will you Obviously, you have to learn computer languages, in which websites are created. And it will take you months. In contrast, you do not need coding to create a website or blog in WordPress. And if you don’t know how to work in WordPress, it will take you a maximum of 2 weeks to learn it. You can learn it on your computer by downloading WordPress.

Is WordPress Free?

The answer to this question is yes! You do not have to pay anyone to create a website in WordPress software. It is an open source software and everyone can use it for free.

Note: WordPress is a free software but you have to buy hosting to install it. For which you have to spend money. What is WordPress? Explained for Beginners

What are Themes in WordPress?

A theme is a pre-made template for creating a website in which we can easily create our own website by making changes and adding some new things to our liking.

What are Plugins in WordPress?

Plug-ins are small programs or software that are written in PHP language and we install them inside our WordPress. Plug-ins add to the features of WordPress. Each plug-in has its own features and function. Website). Additionally, Yoast SEO Plug-In can be used to write posts recommended by search engines. What is WordPress? Explained for Beginners WordPress, is the free, open-source

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