September 24, 2021

Web Development Course in Chakwal – PHP – Haris Intitute

web development course in chakwal

The process of creating a website for the internet or intranet is called web development. This is the work that is involved in creating a website for customers or users to feel and look good and attractive and also works according to the server side. This makes the website look great, fast and secure for its visitors. Web Development Course in Chakwal

And there are two different domains that handle this process. A domain handles the shape of a website and is therefore called frontend web development

What functions should we insert or make available on our website for users and users to use, and this domain is called backend web development. The front end web developer focuses on the client or customer side while the back end website focuses on the server side.

There is also another domain which includes both fields namely front end and back end web development and this domain has been named as full stack web developer. Web Development Course in Chakwal

Web Development Course Outline

  • Configuration of APACHE and PHP
  • Dream Viewer
  • SQL Yog + PHP Myadmin ( Data base tools)
  • PHP Basics
  • Conditions and Branches
  • Loops
  • Variables and Arrays
  • Strings
  • Functions
  • Database Basics
  • Loading a Database
  • MySQL command Interpreter
  • Creating a database
  • Modifying a database
  • Administering a database
  • Introduction to framework
    • Code Igniter
    • Fuse box
  • Handling Large amount of data
    • Query optimization
    • Indexes
  • Case study brief introduction
  • MySQL functions in PHP
  • Querying a database
  • User-Driven Querying
  • Previous and Next Browsing
  • Inserts, Updates, and Deletes
  • User Authentication and Management

5 Days a Week Class

Web Development Course Fee: 10000/-

Web Development Course in Chakwal for more information Call no: 0332-5649993

Why is Web Development important?

in personal and professional life, computer technology affects even the simplest, everyday tasks. Whether it’s online bill payment or seamless integration into a business, or the introduction of an e-commerce store or an application for an online solution, computer technology offers better productivity and business flow, making it all Becomes an important component of business success.

This unstable reliance on computer technology has encouraged the development of related fields, making it a great time to learn new web development skills and make people aware of their services and products. You will be offering, and so will people

Understand why your offers or products are best for them? So that they can buy your things or get information about your business.

If you want people to find your business and solutions online or you want to make money by letting others know about your online presence, web development is a must have. You will be able to bring their solutions and businesses or your own business online and earn more customers, more value in your and your clients’ business. Web Development Course in Chakwal

Types of Web Development

There are basically three types of web development which are as follows

3. Front and web development
3. Back and web development
3. Full stack web development

Front end web development

Front end web development basically refers to the front of a website. If you want to know what a website is then check out this or the previous article.

So now that you know what a website is, front end web developers usually program or design a website look and feel. This is primarily about the web development client area where the client visits our website. It is the responsibility of front end web developers to create attractive and amazing websites so that clients and users can

For this purpose, the front-end web developer uses many languages, including HTML (hypertext markup language), CSS (cascading style sheets) and JavaScript. Web Development Course in Chakwal

Backend web developer

This is basically the backend or server end program of a website. These developers are responsible for how the website works and what features must be included in the website and which should not be excluded. They primarily interact with servers to provide content to websites.

For this purpose, backend web developers use many languages ​​such as PHP, Ruby, .NET, Node and many more.

Full Stack Web Developers

These people mainly interact with both front and web development domains and back and web development domains. They are usually masters at HTML and CSS and also know how to develop server side software. Web Development Course in Chakwal

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