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He has been doing video editing for five years. Let’s find out what happens inside dating. Editing Casey Lee Editing different clips to make a video and remember editing is the story of editing. It’s like if you want to add a wedding video you make training videos you want to add them or some drama south movies when they are shot then when they are IT it This is not the way software is used. We do ada premier awesome There is a huge software of international level from you to teach advanced video editing and it is being done in schools in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Lahore and in Mardan. You can easily add any time and make money. Most of the work people have done in addition to the videos of the event and also various photography and self training.Video editing is used to make the key. If you record the whole thing from the camera then it is fully edited and used in the adapter for editing and by putting it accordingly. Let’s finalize and make a video. It uses different audio politics faxes and different footage. What is the huge market for editing? You can improve your future by posting. Video Editing Course in Islamabad – Haris Institute Campus

Video Editing Course Outline

  • Introduction of Video editing
  • Editing your Video
  • Adding Video & Audio Transitions
  • Titles in Adobe Premier Pro
  • Editing Audio
  • Cut , Copy , Selection
  • Color Grading
  • Animation in Adobe premier
  • Expert a Video
  • Visual Effects
  • Advanced Tips

Video Editing Course Fee: 17000/-

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