Useful Short Courses and Diplomas for Students

Academics consider matriculation (10th standard) to be the first step in a student’s academic career. According to him, the ladder to a successful career starts from here, so one should work hard to improve the beginning (matriculation results). It is also important not to waste time on matriculation and college admissions, but to take advantage of this golden time to do some short courses.

Similarly, most Inter students waste the time they get after the exam. Such students should take advantage of the diploma courses offered in different fields, which can be useful for them. Through these courses you can enhance your skills and abilities by engaging in extracurricular education. Below are some useful diploma and short courses for students, which can be useful for honing your skills and career life while waiting for academic results or entering university.

Android Apps Development

The growing demand of the Android mobile market has increased the importance of Android applications in countries around the world, including Pakistan. If you also have a penchant for Android applications, think about doing Android app development courses in your spare time, such as Udacity, Coursera, Udemy, Treehouse, etc. The first and foremost advantage of such a course is that there are many resources available online for learning programming, most of which are free and require some money. In addition, you need a good institute or university You can also do these courses from

Graphic Designing

If you love beauty and design, think of graphic design courses. The advent of modern software has made the field of graphic design very attractive and exciting, now any design can be created to your liking. The best way to enhance your skills in this field is to get admission in a nearby and good IT institute. Different institutes offer graphic design courses for different durations. If you plan to learn graphics designing through online courses, there are many tutorials on graphic designing in Urdu and English on youtube, using which you can become the best graphics designer in a short period of time.

Web Designing

A course like graphic designing is web designing. A web design course after matriculation or internship can provide a solid foundation for your career, just a little bit of hobby and fluency in English. Students who for some reason cannot continue their education after matriculation or FA or want to work part time along with education or some people who have a degree but do not have employment opportunities in their field, then All of these people should take a course in web or graphics designing as it can earn them a reasonable income. Conduct website and graphic design courses in most institutions of the country

Go If you can afford it, you can lay the foundation for a better future by enrolling in any good college or university. Alternatively, the Internet can be used.

Diploma in Engineering

If you have been a good student of science and maths in matriculation and are interested in pursuing a diploma instead of graduating, this idea can also be very useful. Renowned colleges in different cities of the country offer diploma courses in various fields of engineering for students after matriculation such as Architecture Technology, Chemical Technology, Civil Technology, Computer Information Technology,

Electrical technology, telecommunication technology, etc. The duration of these diploma courses is 3 years and some even 4 years. But in order to make a career in this field, we advise you to continue not only diploma but also further studies as 60% of the country’s engineers prefer to do diploma courses after graduation in this field.

Chartered Accountancy

Chartered accountancy has always been a demanding profession and one of the most important fields of the future. It is not a diploma or short course but a regular certification, which is also recognized internationally. The status of Chartered Accountant is recognized as equivalent to any degree holder but also employment I give them priority over others. Students entering science and commerce may be eligible for admission to this course. Most of the institutes in Pakistan offer chartered accountancy courses to graduate students as well as non-graduate students. To enroll in the non-graduate category of Chartered Accountant, students must first pass an aptitude test, after which they are admitted to the Basic Accountancy Course (BAC) or Full Time Foundation Course (FTFC). Upon completion of the two-year course, these individuals become eligible to participate in the Foundation Examination. All the steps from passing the foundation exam to becoming a chartered accountant are described in the same way as graduating. Are reserved for male and female students.

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