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Tour of Istanbul – Guided Istanbul Tours & City Tours


Turkey’s main commercial, tourist and cultural center is rich in centuries-old invaluable historical heritage. Along with the sea, beautiful houses built on the beautiful mountains, at the confluence of the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea, the Bosphorus Strait is a tourist attraction. Beautiful, beautiful and masterpiece buildings adorned with ancient architecture are the center of attention of research enthusiasts. Tour of Istanbul

This great historical city has always been important as the capital of the Greek, Roman and Muslim empires. In ancient times, Istanbul was called Constantinople. It also became known as the Byzantine Empire. Signs of different periods, including the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, can be seen everywhere in the city, but the walls of the historic fort are now in the middle of the city. Istanbul is located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, which is why the lifestyle of the locals here is marked by Europe.

I embarked on a voyage across the Bosphorus in a beautiful, beautiful and comfortable boat, lost in the beautiful combination of beautiful lush mountains and modern and ancient architecture. Istanbul, full of beautiful scenery, takes tourists to a new world. The beautiful Bosphorus Sea Corridor connects the Sea of ​​Marble and the Black Sea. The beautiful buildings on the shores of the Bosphorus, rich in natural beauty, were a magnificent sight.

The ancient region of Istanbul is built on seven hills, which is why Istanbul is also called the “city of seven hills”. A mosque has also been built on the top of each hill. While touring the city, I saw Islamic history scattered everywhere.

When the Companions of the Holy Prophet (sws) visited the shrine of Hazrat Abu Ayyub Ansari (ra), they felt spiritual relief. The heart said unconditionally, “Peace be upon the companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).”

When Fatiha came out of the shrine, people were distributing traditional Istanbul sweets to the pilgrims. Delicious sweets tasted good in a light appetite. There was also a mosque in which Friday prayers were offered

When he came out, Tomosum was on his job, mesmerizing. I got into a taxi and headed to Kurtop Copy Palace. The road was beautiful too. Charming ancient buildings, clean roads, parks and lush green trees were not to be missed. I saw passing markets and found them full of tourists. Shops adorned with local and unique handicrafts in beautiful colors, valuable artefacts, traditional gifts and costumes were the focus of buyers.

Istanbul’s Cannon Copy Palace is one of the world’s most valuable and important assets in Islamic history. The daughter of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (RA) and the granddaughter of the Holy Prophet (SAW) Imam Hussain (RA) are keeping their clothes very neatly. I was proud of my fortune by visiting these precious relics.

The swords of the Companions kept there reminiscent of a time in Islamic history when Muslim rulers were flying victory flags around the world. This section of Islamic antiquities is the most important and valuable part of the museum. If I start writing about the Cannon Copy Palace, there will be less pages to write about the events of Islamic history and the series of their importance and features will not end.

Coming out, it was estimated that the temperature had risen and the temperature had dropped below 14 degrees. I put on my jacket and started walking down the street. The mind was still entangled in its history. I was thinking that if Muslims were involved in the fields of research and science, they would be the greatest and most invincible nation in the world today. Tour of Istanbul

Exhausted, I postponed my further tour until tomorrow and headed for the hotel. I hadn’t eaten anything special during the day, so I was very hungry.

As soon as I entered the hotel, I turned to the restaurant. I heard a lot of praise for traditional Turkish food. After looking at the menu card on the table, I pointed to the waiter.

After coming to Turkey, it would be foolish to order provincial, continental or other food. I chose pure Turkish food and for the starter I chose dolma and table, while in the main course I ate Turkish koftas and palao with Iskander Kebab and skewered kebabs. Ordered

The food was really delicious, the waiter asked for dessert and the different types of buckwheat and boric made the selection difficult. Anyway, I ordered pistachio and almond flavors. Hot Turkish coffee after dinner added to the fun.

As the night wore on, I left the tourists sitting there chatting and went to my room. I don’t know when I fell asleep due to fatigue.

After waking up in the morning, the view outside made me happy. The clouds were overcast and the trees were swaying softly. I changed my clothes and had breakfast. At breakfast, I chose Maniman, a Turkish specialty omelette and cashew tender, which I enjoyed and went for a walk.

I had an umbrella with me because it was likely to rain this afternoon. When I came out, there was a faint scent of flowers in the air. I took a taxi to Ornley Mosque. Named after Sultan Ahmed, the dome and pillars of this mosque are a unique example of architecture due to their uniqueness. Apart from this, a beautiful masterpiece Suleiman Mosque built on a mountain on the banks of the Strait of Bazfors is also a tourist attraction. The Muslims who come here are amazed to see the essence of architecture. Along with this mosque named after Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, there are also tombs of Sultan Suleiman and other rulers. Tour of Istanbul


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