Tips To Rank A Website On Google’s 1 Results Page

Tips To Rank A Website On Google’s 1 Results Page Everyone wants to rank the website in the first position of Google, but ranking is not an easy task Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Blogging aint for me either, SEO, ranking, algorithms, etc. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Higher rankings mean more money and more credibility – that’s a big achievement. I have achieved this and I know how it feels. Show me some of your rating proofs Amazing hexes for ranking websites on Google You may also notice an increase in organic keywords after implementing these strategies. Tips To Rank A Website On Google’s 1 Results Page

1 # Update old blog content

When I was a new blogger, I also had a ranking problem. After researching all the ranking factors and key points, I realized that ranking is not just what we usually see on YouTube or blog posts.

The more strategically you perform, the more you will be able to rank your website. Technical information and a little encouragement alone will not let you take your web page to the next level.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people But in this post, I will try to make it easier for you to rank your website. I have 3 years + blogging experience and I am working professionally as a blogger. My content usually ranks first within a month or two, depending on competition and other factors. Today, I will show you all the steps I follow to rank my web pages on the first page. I will also expose my strategies, hints and tricks, and detailed knowledge to benefit you to the highest degree.

Be patient and follow my step-by-step guide to ranking your website on Google.

Get started now! The best tips to improve your search rankings for free Who doesn’t want to rank their website? But do we clearly know the factors that a website ranks for? You can’t get rankings unless your website is completely optimized with modern SEO. Don’t like rating and get something. Rating is not like doing and getting something. My steps will only work if you have a website. Completely better with SEO Providing good content Old domain (such as 4-5 months) Targeting less competitive keywords Frequent Overall doing well Yes, if your website has been improved by the above mentioned factors then you can Steps can be taken, and if you haven’t, I’ll show you how to improve your website.

Let’s see

Improve your website user experience

This is one of the first steps to follow.

Google’s ranking is not the same as in previous years. To improve your website ranking, you need to focus more on the user experience.

I mean, you build your website in a way that your users like and appreciate.

Here are some things to look for when selecting your site. Tips To Rank A Website On Google’s 1 Results Page

2 # White Space Usage ?

The use of white space is a good way to attract customers. What is white space? White space is the beauty of your website. Having white space around your text and titles makes your page look cool. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers light up the pages and fill in the pictures or text around the headlines. You should have a space between two paragraphs of your article or image. Also, leave some space between the two paragraphs before placing the title.

According to Crazy Eggs, white space around paragraphs and titles increases usage by 20%.

White space may seem like a nonsense thing but it is an important part of beauty.

3 # Page Speed Fast Optimize

Page Speed ​​Desktop Speed ​​on Insights

Improving your website’s page speed is one of the most important factors in SEO rankings.

Slow load time is also one of the frustrating factors for consumers.

Every user is expected to access a web page in a moment or two. When they don’t get it, they usually bounce. Users often do not have time to wait and when the page loads slowly they create a negative impression about this website. According to, an additional five seconds of page load could easily change your “bounce rate” by more than 20%. Improving speed is essential to the well-being of your rankings. Google offers a free service called “Speed ​​Test” to track the speed of your website. Google will also recommend some tips to help you improve your load time. Images are one of the main reasons why your website loads so slowly. Compress your images before uploading them to your website Using a website like Typing can compress images without losing quality.

4 # Image compressor

There are also some plugins available for WordPress that will automatically compress photos as soon as you upload them to your website, ie: – Mash.

The call process is another part of beauty to enhance the user experience. Adding attractive buttons helps your users navigate to other content on your website. If you add a link to your page, it means that you want readers to click on that link. In that case, not just bold text will work. Making them colorful attracts readers easily. Also, the text you are inserting the link into will make it easier to tell what users can expect after clicking on that link. If your link is unrelated to the text, it may confuse readers. Another mistake I’ve often made with new bloggers is not repairing their broken links. From one study, I found that most internet users know blue boulder texts as links, and they are more interested in clicking on those links. You need to be aware of broken links. If readers find a broken link, they may reconsider before buying anything from you. Broken links mean carelessness. Tips To Rank A Website On Google’s 1 Results Page

When hyperlinking, stop thinking about length because the longer the text, the easier it is to identify. Tips To Rank A Website On Google’s 1 Results Page

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