Scientists Have identified Colors in Fossils Millions of Years Old

Scientists have found red chemicals in an ancient fossil for the first time. The discovery has been published in Nature Communications. Scientists have discovered red color in fossils using modern X-ray imaging techniques. This red color is found in the fossils of an extinct rat species 3 million years old. This discovery will allow scientists to understand evolution and learn about ancient animals.

A team of scientists from all over the world has discovered this from the intense rays of X-rays.

Some of these X-rays were developed at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and the British Diamond Light Source.

In the traditional method, the technique of image processing only creates deep and light patterns. But now scientists have also discovered colors in fossils.

 The mouse that scientists were working on has been named Mighty Mouse. The skin on the back and sides of this rat is red and the color of its abdomen is white. With this information, scientists will now be able to better replicate this 7 cm mouse. Found in Germany.

A team of paleontologists and ornithologists led by Yale University has now discovered evidence of vivid iridescent colors in feather fossils more than 40 million years old. … These were long interpreted as bacteria that had digested the feathers at the time they were fossilized Scientists Have identified Colors in Fossils Millions of Years Old

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