Revit Course in Pakistan – Online & Physical Classes

Revit is a new software developed that allows you to use this software in real life instead of presenting 2d line drawings. This software is developed by AutoDesk Company and covers the architecture of this revit course from basic to advanced. Students are taught the design of building modeling within this software. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Students are taught the basics of architecture with the help of which you can easily work in this field. With many new tools Has been brought to the market and for students who have already learned the AutoCAD software, it is very easy to learn Auto Desk Revit while you can learn the AS software very easily and within this software. There are many things you can make that can be easily adjusted anywhere and in this you can easily make doors, windows and walls and this Revit course in Pakistan and abroad. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Revit Course in Pakistan – Online & Physical Classes.

Revit Course Outline

  1. Introduction Revit Start-Up
  2. Ribbon and Quick Access Tool Bar
  3. More Ribbon and Properties Panel
  4. Project Browser and options
  5. Customizing User Interface
  6. Selection In Revit
  7. Navigation In Revit
  8. Preferences
  9. Starting Project with Template
  10. Setup Template For Project
  11. Create Custom templates
  12. Using Snaps  / settings
  13. Adding Levels
  14. Wall Command
  15. Door , Windows And Small Project
  16. Modify Panel
  17. Wall Joins
  18. Measure Distance Between Two Points
  19. Setting Up Level and Units and Walls
  20. Walls …
  21. Adding Doors
  22. Adding Windows
  23. First Floor Walls
  24. First Floor Windows, Doors , Roof
  25. Adding stairs
  26. Adding Topo surface and Driveway
  27. Adding Fixture and Section
  28. Adding Room Element
  29. Linking CAD File
  30. Import CAD Files
  31. Link Revit Files
  32. Adding Text
  33. Adding Dimensions
  34. Adding Materials
  35. Rendering
  36. Final Project

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