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Niagara Falls Canada Create your Niagara Falls State Park 2021


Days were passing fast in America. The return was approaching. There was a wish, which I had dreamed of for a long time and that was Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a gift of nature that came into being thousands of years ago and is a combination of three waterfalls on the US-Canada border. The largest horse show serves as the border between the two countries. The other two, American Falls and Bridalwell Falls, are in the US. The islands of Luna and Goat separate the three waterfalls. These waterfalls are 50 meters high and six million cubic feet of water fall from them daily

Our granddaughter wanted us to go to Niagara City, on the border with the United States, to see the American side, but we were reluctant to go to Canada. After two or three days of debate, we won, as always. The next question was which route and which ride? From New York to Toronto on the plane and then to Niagara, by train directly from New York to Niagara, or something else, some more adventure years of relationship and acquaintance with the writers. The first friend was Gohar Taj who was an old player in the field of pen and our situation did not go unnoticed by the reader to become a writer. She used to laugh whenever she talked to Gohar. Now that we were in the land of Gohar, it occurred to me that Niagara would like to accompany me on the journey. Warmly answer in the affirmative

Niagara Falls Canada Create your Niagara Falls State Park experience

And now we were going to Detroit by air from where we had to reach Niagara by road. The weather was pleasant and the flight from New York to Detroit was like from Islamabad to Karachi. Gohar Taj’s house was as warm and loving as we had imagined. We didn’t feel like it was our first meeting. It seemed like years of calves had been found. Two women talking, talking and talking, laughing and laughing
I didn’t want to sleep but I had to leave on time in the morning. We wake up early in the morning and so did the host. Had a hearty breakfast made by Gohar’s kind hands, packed the car and set off laughing, smiling, humming

Detroit is a border town in Michigan State and across the border is the Canadian city of Windsor. Arriving at the border, the female immigration officer stationed there, as soon as she saw our green passport, became a little wary, tried to find something by staring at us and immediately started to find out our lineage in the computer. We tried hard to bring a color of innocence on our faces, but according to our family members, the first sight on our face is enough to frighten the viewer, we have got a very good face. Well, she was courageous, not scared, and not affected by our failed attempts to be innocent.

There was a deep blue sky, the sun was shining, the air was fragrant, there was a long way on which the car was running, in the music of the ghazals the words of our words were confused and scattered. The coffee smelled good and we were having fun with a friend.

Four hours passed like four hours! We read the signboards and Gohar handled the steering wheel. Entered the city of Niagara and headed for the waterfall, our stay was one kilometer from the waterfall.

Nowadays, Google has opened the way to the world. In each hand is a tool of magic like the tales of Amr Ayyar, which is to see, order and see. We were also watching our motel approaching. A gentleman was standing at the reception desk. He immediately registered us and held the key in his hand. Turns out he owns this beautiful motel. As we learned that we came from the other side of the world, the style of hosting became more enthusiastic.
Arriving in the room, we immediately made tea, refreshed and got ready to reach the waterfall. On the way to the waterfall, a long bazaar, a variety of restaurants, hotels, shops and children’s playgrounds all reminded us of our beloved Murree.

At a bend, the slope descended, and now we were in front of the destination for which we had left New York, or so to speak, for many years.
Extremely fast and with the noise of falling water! Boats full of tourists floated in the river. Buy a boat ticket from the machine. There was an elevator to board the boat that took all the tourists down. As we reached the bottom, we saw a man waving his hand loudly, signaling us to get on the boat. We remember the conductors hanging from the buses in Pakistan looking for screaming rides. Gohar and I wanted to take pictures, so we turned to the other side

 As soon as the pictures were finished, the next boat arrived. Before boarding we put on a dark pink plastic raincoat and entered the boat and headed for the deck. The Bhanta Bhanta people, from all over the world, all dressed in pink raincoats, were with us with a longing.

 We are fond of tourism, but we also enjoy seeing tourists walking around. Coming from foreign worlds, speaking in foreign languages ​​with their own stories, make us curious.

The boat was floating in the water and everyone was leaning on the railing. Gohar and I also had a corner. Boat near American and Bridalwell waterfalls, sparkling water

But the scene that was supposed to be recorded forever on the memory screen had not yet arrived.

 The boat was moving through the water chest. Suddenly it began to sway and jump, and with a mighty sound the water began to soak us. We grabbed the railing hard. There was a sheet of water that covered the view. Waves of water seemed to come from the sky and swayed downwards, making noise, chasing tourists, falling and the boat was swaying left and right. The camera would get wet while taking pictures and now it was the situation. The pink raincoats failed to protect the tourists but everyone was soaked in joy.

Niagara Falls Canada


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