Neelum Valley- Each scene is its own example

Neelum Valley

Nature has graciously endowed Azad Kashmir’s “Neelum Valley” with beauty, charm and beauty. Flowing waterfalls, waterfalls, lakes have beautified the beauty of the valley to such an extent that it can rightly be termed as “a beautifully carved diamond”. Among the beautiful scenery here are the towering green mountains, the flowing water, the flowing Neelum River and the beautiful gardens around it. For those interested in sightseeing, our free advice is to visit the Sapphire Valley at least once in a lifetime and enjoy the best natural scenery in the world at a very low cost.

The months of May to September are suitable for tourism in the Neelum Valley so we also planned to visit the valley in mid-July and with our friends Imran and Babar from Rawalpindi, Faizabad to Muzaffarabad as per schedule. Departed for Azad Kashmir and finally reached Muzaffarabad after a pleasant journey of about four hours. Here we first bought ASCOM SIMs, as Pakistan’s mobile networks are shut down in the upper reaches of Azad Kashmir, so ASCOM SIMs are available exclusively for tourists in Muzaffarabad.

After changing the SIM, the pleasure of drinking tea with hot samosas was doubled in the nearby hut-like hotel. From here we started our journey again and reached the Neelum Valley Jhelum Power Project an hour’s drive away. Although it was 8 o’clock at night, it was daytime at the project site. The Neelam Jhelum project is more than 85% complete and it is hoped that the project will significantly reduce the problem of load shedding from various parts of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir by December 2018. From here our destination was Athmaqam, which is about two and a half hours away from Muzaffarabad.

Athmaqam is also the headquarters and base camp of Neelum Valley. Everything you need is readily available in this small town. Apart from guest houses, there are markets, post offices, banks, hospitals, telephone exchanges, etc. It was late at night when we reached Athmaqam, but even then a few shops were open and a few tourists were patrolling the area. The roar of the Sapphire River in the distance creates an awe-inspiring atmosphere. The smooth rocks on the shore are so slippery that man loses his balance as soon as he sets foot on them.

Nearby is the Karen Sector, surrounded by lush green hills, full of beautiful flowers, fragrances and beautiful Chinese-style guesthouses. Although many hours or even days are too short for sightseeing at this magnificent place, due to lack of time we left for the next destination only after staying here for two hours. Our car was once again speeding up the road. The Line of Control, which started with us at Athmaqam, continued its journey for another hour and then separated from us at Lot’s place.

Ratti Gali Lake was the last destination of our memorable journey. Despite enjoying this art of nature to the fullest, I did not feel like going back from here, but I had to go anyway, so I thought with heavy steps. If the way back is life, then we will definitely come here again. Neelum Valley – Each scene is its own example neelum valley tourist places

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