Microsoft Office Tutorial For Beginner Level – 2022

Microsoft Office Word 2010 lets you create and edit personal and professional documents such as letters, reports, invoices, emails, and books. Documents saved in Word 2010 are saved with the.docx extension by default. Microsoft Word can be used to accomplish the following tasks:Microsoft Office Tutorial

Microsoft Office Tutorial Outline

  • Microsoft word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • English Typing


  • To create business documents with a variety of graphics such as pictures, charts, and diagrams.
  • To save and reuse pre-formatted content and elements such as cover pages and sidebars.
  • To design letters and letterheads for personal and professional use.
  • To create various documents such as resumes, invitation cards, and so on.
  • To produce a variety of correspondence ranging from a simple office memo to legal copies and references.

Microsoft Office Tutorial for Step by Step Training

What is Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office, also known as simply Office, is a collection of client software, server software, and services created by Microsoft. Bill Gates first announced it on August 1, 1988, at COMDEX in Las Vegas. The first version of Office was a marketing term for an office suite (a bundled set of productivity applications), and it included Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Office applications have grown significantly closer over time, with shared features such as a common spell checker, OLE data integration, and the Visual Basic for Applications scripting language. Under the Office Business brand, Microsoft also positions Office as a development platform for line-of-business software.

If you’ve never used Microsoft Office before or need help with the fundamentals, there are a plethora of resources available on the internet. But which method is the most effective for learning Microsoft Office? Is it a free class, a paid class, or a Microsoft Office Tutorial? Here is a long list of options worth considering for both beginners and those looking to brush up on their Microsoft Office application skills. Office 365 tutorial for beginners

What is include of Microsoft Office

The three core programmed of Microsoft Office are PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. PowerPoint is a presentation programmer that allows you to create slideshows with images, text, and other graphics. Word, as the name implies, is a word processor that many people use to create, edit, and format text. Excel is a spreadsheet editor that allows you to tabulate data, create graphs, and make simple tables. The full Microsoft Office suite includes note-taking software Microsoft One Note, email client Microsoft Outlook, file-hosting service Microsoft One Drive, and virtual meeting software Skype and Microsoft Teams. There is also a small amount of Microsoft Office software that is not available.

What Jobs in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office skills are advantageous in any job that requires entering data, creating documents, or giving presentations. Companies that use alternative programmed benefit from these skills as well, because the tools used in all of the different brands of software bundles are very similar. Some jobs necessitate the use of the entire Microsoft Office suite. Administrative assistants, for example, may use Word to create and distribute memos, One Note to jot down quick notes, Excel to track spending, Outlook to schedule meetings, and Skype to attend those meetings. Other roles rely heavily on a single app for the majority of their work. PowerPoint is used by managers, advertisers, and educators to create slideshows that explain concepts. Microsoft Office Tutorial For Beginner Level – 2022 Best way to learn Microsoft Office free

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