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Lalazar Kaghan Valley Tourist Spot at an Elevation


Called the Land of Charming and Fragrant Flowers, Lalazar is one of the most beautiful places in the Kagan Valley, just 18 km from Gulistan Firdous Naran and at an altitude of 10,246 feet. Lalazar

There are two ways to get here, the first is to reach Lalazar by jeep about an hour’s journey, but keep in mind that jeep travel is extremely dangerous and difficult. There will be bends along the way that keep your upper breath up and your lower breath down.

What a road, a trail that is so narrow in some places that it is easier to break the stars in the sky than to drive, but the expedition that takes you through this difficult stage is just a condition that the driver on the mountain roads Know the art of driving.
Despite being dangerous, most tourists take this route to reach Lalazar because in this way they are able to reach this paradise valley quickly.

Lalazar Road in the Kagan Valley has been called the ‘deadliest road’, especially after a very narrow turn just before the town of Batakundi. Because on one side there is a mountain and on the other side there is the river Kunhar flowing in a distant slope.

The second route to Lalazar is a hiking trek from Lake Saif al-Muluk. The trek takes six to seven hours, so it is rarely used by anyone except adventure enthusiasts. Anyway, it is very important for those who go on this track to have special tools and equipment for hiking, otherwise any wrong step can lead you to a ditch hundreds of feet deep.
The paths are both dangerous but extremely beautiful, step by step from Naran or Lake Saif al-Muluk to Lalazar, new types of fragrant flowers and plants greet you, which eliminates the fatigue and fear of travel.

On the way to Lalazar, the breathtaking view of Sohni Falls captivates you so much that you have to take the desired steps to move forward.

Lalazar has accommodation and dining facilities and a rest house. The locals consider only Hindko but are very friendly and hospitable so that sometimes you can arrange food and drink from your home.

By the way, the weather here is at its peak all year round, but the real enjoyment of tourism comes in the months of June and July, when colorful butterflies hover in groups on green carpets and beautiful flowers. Yet you will not find so many butterflies anywhere in the entire Kagan Valley.

The rains are heavy, which is a blessing, but one of the disadvantages is that Lalazar becomes inaccessible and tourists have to return from Lake Saif al-Muluk or Naran.
Located at the foot of Babusar Pass, the main products of this beautiful region are peas and potatoes, but their taste is different, while there are also plants that are endangered in other parts of the country.

Once upon a time, the Markhor, the national animal of Pakistan, was found in abundance here, but now their numbers have dropped significantly. Similarly, bears and leopards could be seen in the forests of Lalazar, but since the arrival of human footsteps, their movement has been limited. However, eagles and hawks are still frequently seen flying in the skies of Lalazar. ۔

The common belief is that the area is called Lalazar because of the abundance of colorful flowers, but according to an ancient folk tale, the romantic story of Kagan’s Sohni and Lala Afghani was born here.

Sohni was a very beautiful young lady and often went for a bath at the waterfall which is located on the way to Lalazar, where she met Lala Afghani and the two fell in love with each other.

It is not known whether the two could be one or not but the name of this area must have been Lalazar while it has Sohni waterfall on one side and Sohni forest on the other side. And it is possible that the drunkards of love who visit here may smell the scent of Sohni and Lala somewhere in the waterfall, forest or in the flower-covered fields of Lalazar.


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