Javascript Course for beginners – Learn Advanced

If you don’t want the Javascript code you write for your web application or website to be tested in every browser, then use jQuery. The JQuery Library itself contains JavaScript code and is designed for the convenience of developers. The JQuery Library not only provides an easy way to write code, but also allows you to do more with less code. To use JQuery, you first need to add the file of this library to the head section of the web page, then provide your code to the JQuery document (document) .ready () function. As soon as the web page loads in the browser, this code becomes effective. Let’s look at some examples of using JQuery:

JavaScript is a “client-side” scripting language that is primarily used to create and add all kinds of dynamic features to web pages. With its rapid evolution in the world of technology, JavaScript has become a key component of modern web development.

It works well with traditional software design languages ​​and its unique features set it apart from other languages. While CSS and HTML are languages ​​that add style and texture to web pages, JavaScript adds interactive elements to web pages that enhance the user’s enjoyment.

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