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Living abroad and finding your native language newspaper is indeed a difficult task. Although moving to a foreign country due to some particular reason has been an enriching experience but a person misses his country a lot. At this time, all he misses is to know about his country’s situation and find the one who could be his friend to understand him and speak to him in a friendly manner and in their native language.

People living in different countries look to find newspapers that could be easy for them to read. Similarly, Indian living in Australia has the same issue, they struggle to find Indian Newspaper in Australia that could help them know the happenings and events around them.

Indotimes – Indian Newspaper Australia: 

Indotimes is the first-ever Indian Newspaper Australia that is published in Hindi. This newspaper features the latest news from around the globe. Founded by a group of Indian-Australian journalists, this newspaper has earned a name and won the hearts of several Indians. It provides the latest news from around the globe and most probably everything happening in India.

Living in Australia, it is not easy to get access to Indian newspapers that features news from mainly India. So, this is good news for all newspaper lovers. We are presenting news from around the globe in Hindi.

The specialty of Indian Newspaper Australia:

Indian Newspaper Australia is different from all other newspapers because it features news in the local Indian language. Yes, as an Indian, you will love to read news in Hindi. All the news information and articles are published in Hindi, giving you the essence of your own country. Secondly, this newspaper is not like other mainstream media outlets that people disagree with them or their corruption scandals are highlighted every year.

This newspaper was introduced by the journalists who aimed to present an objective source of providing information from around the globe and yet they succeeded in their mission. They proved as a voice for the growing number of the Indian population in the region.

 Indian Newspaper Australia feature articles and news information of all type. You can easily find articles on history, culture, festivals, health, or food. Moreover, you can also read the latest and breaking news, trending news, political news, entertainment news, economy news, business sports news, and much more.

This newspaper is published weekly and distributed in several other parts of the country. Besides Australia, this newspaper is also distributed in New Zealand. It is a neighboring country of Australia and has close connections with the country. This is why Indotimes covers all the breaking news from New Zealand too as all other news outlets of Australia.

Indian Newspaper Australia is available in various locationof the country and every newspaper distributor have this newspaper. Moreover, it can also be easily found in grocery stores, community centers, or local libraries. The main focus of this newspaper is they published the news in Hindi, the national Indian language that enables the readers to easily speak and converse in their national language nevertheless of the fact of living abroad.

Why should you read Indian Newspaper Australia?

Indeed here we are recommending you to read Indian Newspaper Australia. But we are sure a question arises in your mind that why should you readIndian Newspaper Australia? So here we are going to describe some reasons to make this newspaper your favorite;

  • First of all, our newspaper is in Hindi which is a great opportunity for the Indians who love to read the news in their language. This makes you feel like someone is caring for you and make you stay connected with your language.
  • This is one of the largest distributed Indian newspapers in Australia.
  • Wecover all the comprehensive news information and breaking news.
  • We provide news coverage on local ad international issues.

The main focus to read this newspaper is the Indian community who are living in Australia. They might not be able to get reliable information in their language thus this newspaper has eased their lives. It helps them to enjoy reading and understand the news quite better in their mother language because English isn’t their first language.

Authentic news information in a professional manner:

Our newspaper aims to provide authentic and correct news to its readers which is indeed a great challenge. We also aim to bring the latest news and information about the Indian community and their lifestyle while living in Australia.

Our main focus is to remain professional and bring all the latest and authentic news to our readers in a professional and friendly way. We aim to get the news from an authentic source and also verify its authentication before making it public.

Features of Indian Newspaper Australia:

These are a few features of Indian Newspaper Australia;

Local and International coverage:

 Indian News Australia has something for everyone. As long as international coverage, it also features local content. It makes its user aware of all the happening from the local area as well as from around the globe. We aim to keep our users updated about the upcoming events from your local area and other cities and countries.

Up to date:

Our sole aim is to provide the latest news to our readers to keep them up to date on each and every event. No matter what type of news it is, whether it is related to politics or trending news, or the latest fashion trends, we aim to keep our users up to date.


Accessibility is one most important features when it comes to the newspaper. Our Indian Newspaper Australia is easily accessible and available for all Indian users. Our newspaper is easily available at various outlets and locations throughout Australia and Newzealand. So Indians residing in these two countries can avail the opportunity to get amazed reading our newspaper.


In the end, we are here to say that our newspaper is important to the Indian community who seek to get information in their local language. We provideamazing articles for our readers and also appealingly present the news. Indian Newspaper Australia will keep its users up to date on each and every topic, whether it is a local event or international or any gaming news. We aim to provide national, international, local, entertainment, sports, economic, cultural, or health news. Through our newspaper, our readers can also enjoy reading interesting and informative articles.So stay connected with us.


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