How to Write SEO Friendly Article ? Learn The Hidden Secrets

How to Write SEO Friendly Article

How to Write SEO Friendly Article. Article writing has become a profession in the present era. It can be needed in almost every field. Especially in terms of online earning, it is in great demand. Seo means your article top in search engines. What does it look like? That is, when people search, they will present your article in the top sources.

These SEO articles are written so that you can get maximum traffic so that people can read or view your content as much as possible. How to Write SEO Friendly Article

There are 4 steps to writing an SEO article.

1#  Keyword Searching

Whenever you have to search something on Google, you first select a specific word and then Google it.

To search for keywords on Google, sign up for Google AdWords and search for people’s tastes, interests and trends by searching for keywords through Keyword Planner. Keywords tell you what people are currently searching for. You can write an article about their keywords. Regarding keywords, experts say that if there is seo science, then the choice of keywords is the same as if you are working on chemicals in a lab. C carelessness can drown you.

2 # Keyword optimization

Keyword optimization means how many words you have to use and how to do it. If there is an article of five or six hundred words, you can use three to four words in it.

You have to adjust the keywords within the text so that they do not appear separately. And their keywords should be bolded.
It is said that the topic of your article should be used in the wording of the primary word. Must come

Use words between the first two hundred words and the last two hundred.

How many words should the keywords contain? According to experts, it is best to use living keywords which consist of three or four words in the beginning.

Keywords should not be used more than five times in a standard article.

If your article meets keyword optimization, it is on-page optimized.

3 #  Content Organization

Content organization means how you talk at the beginning, how you talk in the middle, and how you talk at the end when writing an article. The difference between good and bad for your blogger or article is how you organize it. ۔

Content should always be organized in a logical way. Otherwise your website will not be able to make a place in the rankings. Problems will arise in it. You will be working but to no avail.

4#  Content promotion

This means that the article you write should be promoted as much as possible. Share the link on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. so that more and more people can read this article. The more people come to your website, the more. There will be earning. How to Write SEO Friendly Article ? Learn The Hidden Secrets

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