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Grow Your Amazon Selling Business


Grow Your Amazon Selling Business. Corona has created some new opportunities in the world where businesses have collapsed. Today, new avenues of online business are opening up in the world. By the way, there is a lot to sell in the market, there should be a way to sell. Everything you are selling while sitting in a shop, building a factory, the same thing can happen online. This is your courage, skill. And it depends on understanding the method. You can earn ten times more by doing business online. For example, your sales in the shop is ten thousand, you can take it up to one lakh. IT has done a great job. I am a witness of some things. They say that the tradition of reading books is declining. If there are no readers of books, what will be printed and what will be sold. My friend Moaz Hashmi is a publisher. Two years ago, he was also complaining Meeting with e-commerce experts. The business of selling these books online is in crores. They advertise on social media. Three to four hundred books are sent daily from city to city by post and courier. They spend Rs 4 lakh per month on AID. Monthly income is Rs 10 lakh to Rs 12 lakh. They also pay income tax in the way of Allah. They are expanding the business. It becomes difficult for them to meet the demand. You can sell and buy anything but everything online. The need for it has increased in Karuna. One of my acquaintances is also doing online business with Cloth House and another boutique. Both of them get two or three orders a day. If they take guidance from an expert, they can get more than 100 orders in a day. They can even book online. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. This work is done by e-commerce people. They have money which they earn. Today, courier has also become very important. It is also a business in which you can go a long way by building trust. If they work honestly, not a single order will be returned If you do nothing, you can use online glasses, cup clocks, mask sanitizers, watches, toys, sports equipment, sewn clothes, mobile phone and laptop covers, chargers, hands-free, stockings, gloves, jewelry, Mac. You can sell the goods. If you think about it, you will find hundreds of thousands of things. Some people need pottery, some need sheets and sheets. Awaken the benefactors and the Ansaris. If you need local buyers or markets to sell anything today, then tomorrow you will have to work the global market. Many people still need markets that Amazon has fulfilled. Pakistan has been included in the list of sellers by Amazon, the world’s most famous company for buying and selling. It will play an important role in strengthening Pakistan’s economy. There is hope for a big global market for Pakistani traders and businessmen. Now Pakistani products Available on the world’s most popular e-commerce website. Many Pakistanis have previously been associated with Amazon’s e-commerce services, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. However, they could not register themselves as sellers with their Pakistani addresses. Sold products indirectly through With the advancement of technology, most of the trade around the world has become online and now this trend has been further aggravated by the Corona epidemic.

Now with the advent of Amazon, women, new businessmen and the younger generation do a little research, compare prices by looking at online products and then launch and sell your products on Amazon accordingly. Badar Khoshnood, an IT expert who has been associated with several companies in Pakistan, including Google, is also a member of the newly formed National e-Commerce Council. Have done Talks with Amazon are also a link in the same chain. In this regard, Amazon first started a trial with 30 to 40 Pakistani companies a year ago, after the success of which Amazon decided to add Pakistan to the seller list. Now Pakistani companies will be able to sell their products such as towels, shoes, leather jackets etc. by registering with Amazon and selling them all over the world.

It will not happen that every single item will go directly from Pakistan to the buyer but the goods collected from Pakistan will go to Amazon’s warehouse from where Amazon will deliver directly to the buyers. Amazon has 175 warehouses worldwide in this regard. Pakistanis who want to sell their products will be registered in Pakistan as usual. They will then register on Amazon. Big business owners will be able to use Amazon. Pakistani business men will be trained in this regard. The Ministry of Commerce and Amazon are in talks. The first trainers, ie the master trainers, should be trained on their own. However, a series has started which will provide the best opportunities.

There is no ban on small businesses selling Pakistani products on their own all over the world. I spoke to Rizwan Abid Qureshi, a resident of Delhi. He is a writer and trades in honey. He was saying that there are laboratories for testing honey. He orders honey from different areas. When the samples were sent, the order for three containers was received. Pindwala can sell desi ghee, mustard oil, gur sugar, khoya, sweets, rice, gram online. Even if you think something, have a little courage. Get information from here and there, you also have to take a risk  Grow Your Amazon Selling Business  Amazon FBA Course in Pakistan – Special Online Classes – 2021

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