September 24, 2021

Graphic Design Tutorials in Urdu – Updated Latest in 2022

Graphic Design Tutorials in Urdu

Any graphic work contains one or more graphic design elements. Design elements should not be confused with design principles, such as balance, focal point, and how to use white space; Rather, design elements are components of a design such as colors, types and images. Graphic Design Tutorials in Urdu in 2021

Here is a list of the most commonly used elements in graphic design. You do not need to include them all in any work. The use of lines and shapes in a design can provide great balance without the use of any image, for example.

From ancient paintings to modern symbols, shapes are at the root of design. They are formed either geometrically (squares, triangles, circles) or organic and independent (almost anything). They may have soft curves or hard, sharp edges. They are used to set settings, create patterns, or emphasize a section of the page. They define boundaries, or attach or separate sections of the page. They create movement and flow, moving from element to element. They can interact to create additional elements. For example, the text on the page can become a format. Graphic Design Tutorials in Urdu langauge


Lines are used to divide the space, make the eye straight and form. At the most basic level, straight lines are found in separate content, such as magazines, newspapers, and website designs. It can, of course, be further advanced, with curved, dotted and zigzag lines fixed on a page and used as a basis for reflective and graphics. Lines are often combined with top or bottom type, and they cannot extend the entire width of the text.

the color

The color is ubiquitous and so wide that it looks like a designer based on either a complex decision. This is partly because color expresses such emotions and can be applied to any other element, changing it dramatically. It can be used to display text attached to a website, to convey information or to emphasize a point, to make it stand out.

Graphic designers will be able to understand the theory of color, which includes the color wheel, something we have seen in school with our basic red, yellow and blue, and with each other’s relationship. But color is more complex than mixed colors


Kind of is all around us. In graphic design, the goal is not just some text on the page but to understand and use it for communication instead. Choice of fonts (type spaces), size, alignment, color, and all other games come into play. The type phase is usually broken down into YP families, such as Roman or Heliotica.

More can be taken using the size and type to create images. The type can communicate a mood (warm, cold, happy, sad) or behave in a style (modern, classic, feminine, aforementioned).

Coral Paint Shop Pro Image Basics

Paint Shop Pro is a powerful, all-purpose image editor with large and passionate user base. If you are new to Paint Shop Pro or the new Paint Pro image called today – this tutorial helps you get started with your own design and create your own digital photos at any time.

Basics of Coral Painter

Painter is completely like a stock art studio on your computer. It offers all the tools and mediums you can think of, from paper, pen and pencil, to watercolors and oils – and then you probably never even imagined. Whether you want to turn your digital photos into paintings, or tell your comic book about finishing from scratch, this tutorial will show you how to get started with kernel painter or simple painter requirements.

Foundations of CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a versatile and affordable all graphics solution used by business and home users as well as creative professionals. CorelDRAW, its main component is a vector-based drawing tool which includes powerful document publishing features. This tutorial will introduce you to many creative ways you can use CorelDRAW to enhance documents and create original graphics or logos.

Coral Photo PTT Basics

Corel PhotoPAINT is a bitmap based image editor included with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. This tutorial will show you some useful techniques as you learn your way around Corel PhotoPAINT.

The graphic designer uses visual elements to communicate messages through print and electronic media. He or she develops designs for magazines and newspapers, websites, packaging, video games, promotional displays, and marketing materials. Graphic designers work for advertising, publishing and design. There are some freelancers, which means they work through work, usually for different clients.

Education and training needs

If you want to pursue this career, you must have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. If you already have a degree in another major, you can get technical training in this subject instead.

Even after you land a job, you must promote changes in the design of new trends and changes in consumer tastes. You will need to stay up to date on the new software. Many software vendors offer certification to designers who have been trained to use these programs.

The difference between a graphic designer and a desktop publisher
People often confuse these two possessions and it is not surprising that they do. There are definitely equations. Both graphic designers and desktop publishers use desktop publishing software to create messages in print or electronic media.

Desktop publishers are solely responsible for promoting graphic designers’ concepts when implementing them. The educational requirements for each reflect the differences in responsibilities. Desktop publishers, unlike graphic designers, require only an association degree. Both must be well-grounded in the software used to create the content. Graphic Design Tutorials in Urdu , Graphic Design Tutorial For Beginners In Urdu Graphic designing course

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