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Google Free Online Course- Google Digital – 2022


Google has a vast world of its own, so if you think that Google is just a search engine, you will definitely change your mind after reading this. Yes, Google is the world’s largest Internet search engine, but it also strives to help its users (who are in the millions around the world) advance their careers through free online courses. Children, teenagers, college graduates and professionals can all benefit from these free online Google courses. Google Free Online Course

Due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the job market is undergoing rapid changes and professionals from college graduates to professionals face new challenges every day to meet the needs of their job market and stay relevant, which can only be met by new skills. And that can only be done through skills. That’s why one of Google’s efforts is that instead of running after jobs, people should go for entrepreneurship and become their own boss, so that they become job givers instead of job seekers. Become

Google is doing all this under one of its projects Google Grow ( There are, of course, many free courses available on the Internet, from which you can choose any course of your choice. Through these courses, Google targets students as well as teachers, entrepreneurs, job seekers and technology developers. If you are an entrepreneur or want to become an entrepreneur, Google also guides you through these free courses. How to make a product,

How to start a startup or how to do app marketing, Google will guide you through every step. You can search for this free Google course and register yourself for a course that suits you or that interests you. The following is an introduction to some of Google’s most read free courses, so you can get an idea of ​​how Google does it.

How to start a startup

If today’s talented, independent and educated youth are asked what is their favorite field, the answer of many will surely be ‘startup’. If your idea is strong, relevant to people’s lives and can make a difference in their lives, then with a startup you can own your own destiny and future in a short period of time. If you need any further guidance in this regard, Google is here for you. This free online course from Google will give you an overview of startups. In it you will write a mission and vision statement,

You will be taught how to find mentors and team members, how to get financing for your startup, and how to build a pitch desk, where you can take customers or VCs on board. You can complete this course in three weeks.

App monetization

This is Google’s free online course, app development and free online content. If you want to create an app or make money from free online content, this course will give you the best opportunity to provide basic training and expertise in this field. You can complete this course in one month.

What is app marketing?

App marketing is another emerging field that entrepreneurs find very attractive. Google App Marketing also offers this course for free. If you are an app developer, want to launch your app and need guidance in this regard, this Google course is available to you online and absolutely free. This course will be useful not only for app developers, but also for all entrepreneurs who are involved in the field of online marketing. You can complete this course in two weeks.

Product design

Do you have a great product idea in mind? Do you want to bring this product to the world? If your answer is yes then this course is for you. Google will use this free online course to help you further refine your idea, create a mockup and design it as soon as possible, as well as connect with your potential customers. With all this practice you will be able to assess whether your product will be able to make a place for itself after coming to the market. With this course you can limit the chances of your product failing.


This course is part of Grow with Google’s entry level curriculum, so this course is not for you if you are an expert networking and LinkedIn user. If you think you need to improve your LinkedIn profile and you think you need to be better and more effective in networking programs, this course will be very useful for you. You can complete in one class, so be sure to apply. This course also teaches you how to email someone so you can get a definite answer.


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