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Facebook Marketing Tutorial in Urdu – Facebook Ads – 2021


Today we are going to start Facebook Marketing This is what we are loving in one set This is what Facebook Marketing which is a bunch of digital marketing We will try to explain that you on Facebook How To Market And How To Get Likes Just How You Like Likes There How You Can Share Your Message With People And How You Can Promote Your Business Maybe we can bring traffic to the website. We have developed Facebook’s Elite City Click Tutorial in Urdu. If you follow the internet, you will know a little bit about how we can do marketing on Facebook. Facebook Marketing Tutorial by Muhammad Imran

Facebook Marketing Tutorial Outline

  • Facebook Marketing – Overview
  • Profile Page Setup
  • Page Navigation
  • Facebook Marketing – Ad Options
  • Ad Management
  • Page Promotion
  • Personal Branding
  • Facebook Marketing – Identify Targets
  • Facebook Marketing – Quality Posts
  • Facebook Marketing – Post Frequency
  • Likes Philosophy
  • Facebook Marketing – Create Fans
  • Facebook Marketing – Engaging Fans
  • Facebook Marketing – Call-to-Action
  • Video Promotion



And how do we do marketing on Facebook? What do we need in terms of marketing? Ask me to give you that Facebook is working on social media for PC, otherwise call Daily Aati and a social When it comes to media, they chat with others, they show the right, they show the right light, then there is Facebook’s advertising program in which it happens that you first create a Facebook business page, on top of that you have Google Ad System. Like you can do these on them and on top of that you can bring traffic to your various customization websites .

You can take views on videos, you can subscribe to everything you have, there are all the things you can do with the ease of Facebook, you have any branded company, there is a station, there is entertainment, there is a business, you can do it easily. With a lot of The Parade’s office, you can do school advertisements here at the rate and Gilani can get the results and give his message to the people who are sick. Let’s set the desired location. Also, we don’t want to target the target people who are your demand. We are making tweaks. You can easily download the Facebook marketing trailers in Urdu language or pay our YouTube channel Mohammad. You can watch all your trailers in Imran. Get Practical Facebook Marketing Tutorial by Video series with Learn with Muhammad Imran youtube Channel.



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