September 23, 2021

Facebook is Teaching its Artificial intelligence to Speak Mathematics

The subject of mathematics is often of no interest to students, but Facebook can change it to some extent. Facebook is teaching its artificial intelligence to solve the most difficult math problems. In fact, Facebook has taught its neural network to view complex mathematical equations as a language and then translate the solution into neural networks in stages.

Unlike other neural networks, Facebook sees math problems as a language problem rather than math. With this method, Facebook has taught its artificial intelligence to speak mathematical problems with neural machine translation, so that this artificial intelligence can solve mathematical problems in exactly the same way as algebra-based systems such as Maple, Mathematics and Matt Lab. Do

The team working on it says that the success rate of this AI in Integration Problems is 99.7% while in First and Second Order Differential Equations it was 94% and 81.2%. The proportion was 84% ​​in integration problems and 77.2% and 61.6% in differential equations using mathematics. In addition, Facebook’s artificial intelligence took only half a second to achieve results, while other systems take several minutes. Facebook is Teaching its Artificial intelligence to Speak Mathematics

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