September 23, 2021

English Needs Time – Teaching English Language Learners

Thank you! English is an international language written and spoken in every country in the world. European countries have made progress in every sphere of life by getting higher education due to this. Science and technical culture, literature, economically and socially, especially the countries have become prosperous, while in some undeveloped under developed countries people know less. While the language is spoken and written entirely in developed countries, these countries have reached the stage of development economically and socially and because of their education. The United States and England are at the top. Now I turn my attention to my country Pakistan I need English time, I point out. There is an error and weakness of English in our country which has an effect on higher education. All subjects are in English for higher education. Students are unable to get it. In matriculation, 32% of the candidates are successful. The number of candidates is majority. Its failures and shortcomings are in government departments while English is the official language and judicial language. Some people misinterpret it as a show as a fish. Even in schools and colleges, teachers do not have access to this language and they do not have complete control over it. On the contrary The rich people in the country enroll their children in English medium schools and pay huge fees while the children of the poor study in government schools where English is not taught. Private schools also teach in Urdu which can be paid by the poor. Out-of-school families speak English with their children, so their English may be better because of their parents. When foreigners come to our country officially, our officials do not understand them well. They have to wait for an English interpreter. What is its value and importance? All educational institutions should have the same curriculum in the same language. get learn English language course

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