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Sometimes we need a simple and short-term weight loss formula that is easy because you are about to take part in an event where you want to look slim and smart. The following diet is designed for people who want to lose weight in a short time and this diet is also recommended by doctors. Using it you can lose weight in the week before your operation. It is a chemical food which means that it contains ingredients that help in weight loss and react with each other. If you follow this you can lose 6 kg in a week and you will not gain weight on overeating and if you plan to regain your health.This diet can give you a good start. When a friend of ours gave us this diet last time, we tried it and saw that it works. But warning is a word that will seem difficult and very crazy on eggs but if you keep it it will lead to immediate results. Easy ways to Lose 6 kg Weight in a Week

The principles of weight loss are as follows.

If you use this diet for a week, give it a break of at least two weeks before restarting.

  1. * Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
  2. * Everything is forbidden except what is written in the food.
  3. * No alternative diet.
  4. * The use of buttermilk and fat is prohibited.
  5. * Eat what is told.
  6. * Drink nothing but tea, coffee, lemon tea, grape juice, tonic water and soda, except plain water which will reduce your appetite.
  7. * Only tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and celery should not be eaten in the salad.
  8. * Complete abstinence from all types of sugar.

If you are ready, may the seven-day diet plan present Khidmatullah help you

Breakfast in the morning with a piece of dried double bread with roasted tomatoes. Fresh fruit salad for lunch with whatever fruit you like. Eat as much as you like but don’t eat in one sitting.

For dinner, two hard boiled eggs, salad and grapefruit. Remember that this first day will be extreme but it will be easier going forward.

Second day:

Grapefruit for breakfast and a boiled egg for lunch. Roast chicken with custom salad. A piece of roasted meat and salad for dinner. Now you feel better than yesterday.

Day 3:

Grapefruit and a boiled egg for breakfast, two boiled eggs for lunch and roasted mutton for tomatoes for dinner. Celery and cucumber.

Fourth day:

One slice for breakfast and 2 eggs for lunch. Fresh fruit salad. Eat as much fruit as you can. Solid boiled eggs for dinner with two salads and grapefruit.

Fifth day:

One dried slice and two boiled eggs. Eat two boiled eggs with tomatoes for lunch and fresh or tanned fish salad for dinner.

Sixth day:

Eat a boiled egg for breakfast and drink a glass of grapefruit juice. Fresh fruit salad for lunch and roast chicken cabbage leaves and carrots at night.

Seventh day:

Two eggs and roasted tomatoes for breakfast and two boiled eggs and spinach for lunch. Roasted meat carcasses and salads for dinner.


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