Social Media is The Largest Source of Digital Marketing Revenue -2023

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Digital Marketing Revenue – There are millions of websites on the Internet, most of which are owned by companies that provide online information about their products and services. But a recent survey has revealed that the biggest source of digital marketing revenue is not social media, but social media. Let’s try to understand this with an example. We all know that Facebook is the leading social media website with 2 to 3 billion users. The biggest advantage of having such a large number of users simultaneously on a single platform is digital marketing. Fees While scrolling through the book, there are various advertisements that get the attention of the users.


The survey also found that consumers pay more attention to the ads that were offered at a discount. Digital marketers have seen a dramatic increase in revenue since the introduction of the live streaming option on Facebook. However, Facebook has recently claimed that its advertising feature has grown by up to 50% since the introduction of the Stories feature on Facebook. In other words, the number of 30 million marketers has increased due to the “Stories” feature alone. Ads are also pouring in on Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. Is. Facebook also advises marketers to follow different strategies to make as much money as possible. Ninety percent of marketers who engage in digital marketing claim that “social media” has led to a dramatic increase in their revenue compared to regular websites. According to the report, 89% of marketers prefer Facebook, 65% Instagram, 50% Twitter, 49% YouTube, 44% Messenger and 28% SnapChat. Digital Marketing Revenue

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