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How Can You Lower Your Cholesterol? Health Online


Cholesterol is a type of fat which must have adequate amount in the body. The amount of cholesterol in the body of a normal person is about 100 grams or a little more. Cholesterol builds up in the body.

Adequate amounts of cholesterol are needed by the body to produce the necessary hormones and to help the digestive system. Different types of food such as meat, eggs, milk, butter and ghee contain significant amounts of cholesterol. Eating a similar diet raises blood cholesterol levels. When the amount of cholesterol in the blood exceeds the limit, then it can accumulate in the inner part of the blood vessels and form layers of fat, obstructing the normal flow of blood and can lead to heart attack, which can lead to immediate death. Can also occur.

To avoid high cholesterol, we need to stop using eggs or just take egg whites. Cut down on meat and avoid fatty foods at all. Avoid cream, butter, cheese, skim milk and ghee.

Various fresh vegetables and fruits are the best food, so vegetables and fruits should be used more because fruits and vegetables do not contain cholesterol at all. Anyway, eating vegetables keeps a person healthier, stronger and smarter. So use as many fruits and vegetables as possible to stay healthy and fit. Add simple salads and high-fiber vegetables to your diet.

Various experiments have shown that the use of garlic and raw carrots for breakfast daily also helps in lowering cholesterol. Eating raw carrots daily also keeps the stomach healthy. Appetite does not seem to be high and the amount of cholesterol is also good.

To reduce the amount of cholesterol and fats in the blood, ie triglycerides, it is necessary to completely eliminate the amount of fat in the diet. All types of ghee and butter should be avoided completely as the whole body needs very little fat. If the amount of fat in the body is already high, it is not needed at all. Therefore, it is important to reduce or eliminate the amount of fat in the food by following the instructions below.

Smoking also raises cholesterol in a way because smoking lowers blood clots. Incorporated into the blood actually lowers blood cholesterol, so its presence is essential. That is why it is very important to avoid smoking.

According to a study, only 60-50 mg of cholesterol can be reduced within 2-3 months by making proper dietary changes. That is, with 6 months of precaution, cholesterol can be reduced by 150-100 mg.

In addition, the use of barley flour, beans, creamy yogurt in the diet is also beneficial. Using garlic daily in the morning helps in lowering cholesterol. One carrot a day is also beneficial.

Lifestyle changes are essential for lowering cholesterol. Consistent dietary changes, along with positive thinking, can help lower cholesterol.

Easy ways to lower cholesterol

There are many triggers for a heart attack, and genes and sex also play a role. But many reasons are our own creation. For example, what we eat and what is included in our diet. Scientists have done a lot of research on this and have come to the conclusion that even a small change in diet can protect us from heart attack. Here are 15 ways you can lower your cholesterol and stay safe from a heart attack.

1. Always eat meat sparingly.

2. Avoid full cream milk and use “non-fat” dairy products.

3. Use homemade popcorn, carrots, and dried fruits because they contain less fat than potato chips and candy bars.

4. Reduce the use of saturated fat in cooking.

5. Reduce the use of palm and coconut oil as these two products are high in saturated fat.

-6 Do not use egg yolk more than four times a week. Eat egg whites with other foods, do not eat more than 6 ounces of chicken, fish and meat a day. Also avoid eating liver, brain and kidneys.

7. Increase the intake of carbohydrates. Make green leafy vegetables an integral part of your diet.

8. Make fruits and vegetables part of your regular diet.

9. Walnuts are also a natural gift. It prevents heart attacks, although they are high in protein but still healthy.

10. In countries where fish is eaten in large quantities, the chances of having a heart attack are very low.

-11 In very simple words, the medical advice is to reduce the use of salt.

12. Carefully read the instructions on the packaging of all food products purchased from the market and ensure that the instructions are followed.

13. Get your medical examination done by a doctor at appropriate intervals.

14. Daily walks should be an essential part of your life.



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