CERN Starts using open source software after Microsoft’s fee hike

CERN has been using Microsoft software for 20 years at a discounted price. Microsoft is providing CERN software at a discounted price under an academic institutional license. But at the end of the previous agreement in March, Microsoft revoked CERN’s academic status. According to the CERN blog post, Microsoft Fees for your software have been increased tenfold.

In response, CERN has moved to its open source software project Microsoft Alternatives or MAlt.
In a blog post, Cern said that MAlt aims to reduce reliance on commercial companies and keep data in its hands. CERN says the multi-year project will begin with an e-mail service in the IT department. Gradually CERN will switch from Skype for Business clients and analog phones to soft phone pilots.

CERN says Microsoft’s new pricing is unbearable. Cern said he was not alone, but that other research institutions were also troubled by private companies. CERN hopes to take the initiative with the launch of MAlt.
CERN says that if companies continue to raise prices in the same way, more and more companies will turn to open source software.

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