Bol Entertainment Announces a “game show” for children

After the success of “Khush Raho Pakistan”, “Game Show Aise Chale Ga” and “Ball House”, Bol Entertainment has announced to bring “Game Show” for children. Bol Entertainment Announces a “game show” for children

According to the details, Pakistan’s number one entertainment channel “Bol Entertainment” keeps on launching new programs keeping in view the interest of its viewers. Have been

The interesting thing about the programs aired on Bol Entertainment and especially the game shows is that not only a large number of people participate in it but also they are given small and big gifts including prize money. More people attend these programs.

It may be recalled that Faisal Qureshi’s program “Khush Raho Pakistan”, actor Danish Teymour’s program “Game Show Aise Chale Ga” and Aamir Liaquat’s program “Ball House” are being very popular on Bollywood Entertainment at present. However, consumers are expressing their liking for these programs. Hundreds of people have expressed their desire to participate in these programs. A large number of children are also involved in these programs.

Bol Entertainment management, considering the popularity of its programs among children, announced to bring a game show exclusively for children. In this regard, a promo of the program has also been released on its official YouTube. Bol Entertainment Announces a “game show” for children get bol game show head office 

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