Blogger and WordPress Best Blogging Platform -2025

If you want to blog and want to create your own blog or website, you may be confused whether to create your own blog on Blogger or on WordPress, so don’t worry, I will tell you from my experience which platform is good. And why Blogger and WordPress Best Blogging Platform -2025

So you can easily decide which platform is best for you.

The first question is why you want to create a website or blog, there can be many reasons such as making money online, or if you have any skills to share it with the world or anyone And there could be a reason.

I will tell you in detail at each point which platform is good and why so that you can choose according to your need and condition on which platform you want to create your blog or website.

Which is easier to use, Blogger or WordPress?

If you are new and have little technical knowledge, you will have no problem using Blogger. Because you don’t have to do much technical work. It’s just a little bit like making menus etc. is a small task.

Must have technical knowledge to use WordPress. Because it requires WordPress to be installed on the hosting, as well as some technical requirements. But if you search for them, you will also find their tutorials.

Simply put, you won’t have to make a mistake in creating a blog in Blogger. And just like you create a normal Facebook account, you can create your own blog on Blogger. The process is a bit difficult in Proward Press.

Price by WordPress or Blogger:

Blogger is absolutely free and we don’t have to pay a penny for it. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

WordPress is also an open source program but we have to buy hosting to create a blog on WordPress which costs money.

More features in Blogger or WordPress:

If you want to write an article on a blog, you can do so easily. But if you want more features, you’ll find them in WordPress and you can only use the features that Blogger has, but you can’t add anything new by yourself.

In WordPress we can enhance its features by installing plugins.

Who is more SEO friendly Blogger or WordPress:

When it comes to SEO search engine optimization, both are equal because it is necessary to bring a post in search.

  • Post meta description
  • Quality posts
  • Quality backlinks
  • And all of these things happen in both

So it would be better to say that both are equal in terms of SEO.

But in WordPress, as I said, we can also install extra features in it, so one of them is the Yust plugin. With the help of which we can set a keyword and write a post, which automatically shows us how strong our keyword is. In the post we target.

So in general terms, SEO is no different, but we can use the plugin in WordPress to do SEO.

Which is the safest platform:

When it comes to security, there is no website in the world that is 100% secure. Many government websites are also hacked. If we want to protect our site from hacking, we should take all the steps that increase security.

All we need to do to create a blog on Blogger is log in with a Google Account, then we can create a blog. But we have to do a lot of configuration in WordPress and if something goes wrong with our hands, it becomes easy for hackers to hack our website.

That is to say, hacking is not so easy for anyone if we take all the security steps properly.

You can use some plugins to increase security in WordPress.

Hacking a blogger site is not so easy. If you compare it to a WordPress site. Don’t tell anyone else about the Google Account blog you’ve created to increase Blogger security. And if you keep your original email completely separate, it is impossible for anyone to hack this website

Who can become a high quality website on Blogger or WordPress:

A normal website with a good design can be built on both, but if you want a website that has a lot of features, you have to choose WordPress. We can’t add anything extra to Blogger.

As you can see, both platforms are almost equal, some are good and some are good. But you must have guessed who you want to build your site or blog on. Blogger and WordPress Best Blogging Platform -2025

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